• " Its a relationship beyond contract philosphy " - Sudarsan S, General Manager, Petron Gulf LLC. At ezTECH, we put our client’s interests above everything else. Because we firmly believe that a relationship is not just about two parties signing a deal on a piece of paper. It is about people coming together to create ideas, and more importantly, to create value.

  • K.Suneesh , Head of Infrastructure at Evergreen Sohar Shipping Corp EMEA shares how ezTECH helped them achieve their successful journey to the cloud and their first-hand experience with ezTECH. With an IT portfolio which comprises of Dozens of shared IT services and Hundreds of IT engineers, ezTECH has helped our company in this journey by providing a common Service Desk and a common set up ITIL process.

  • “ezTECH is an outstanding consulting firm! We find our strong relationship with the consultant to be the most important element of their quality service - experienced and dependable over our four year tenure as a client."

    – Bhavin T, IT Operations, OFCC
  • “We LOVE working with ezTECH. Our consultant is extremely technically experienced and personable - a tough combination to find. If great technical skills, a solid business orientation, and a keen focus on customer service is what you are looking for, ezTECH is an excellent choice.”

    – V Paul, CMO, NTI
  • “We have been a customer for over six years, and find that ezTECH provides quality service and expertise for our computing and technology needs. It is rare to have a long-term relationship with such professional consistency – they are a valued service provider to our business!”

    – Sohan G, IT & Audits Manager, Al Adrak LLC
  • "The IT support service provided by ezTECH is awesome. It relieves me of the responsibility of system maintenance, while providing peace of mind that our system is protected, compliant and efficient. Using a 3rd party vendor is much more cost effective than hiring full time personnel. I am pleased to recommend ezTECH, as they provide a highly valued service to our firm."

    – MK Trading, Tigin Thomas, IT Admin
  • "ezTECH was a lifesaver when our company moved to a larger site this fall. They performed a complete analysis of our technology needs, assisted us with ordering, and made our data migration totally painless. We were up and running again in just 6 hours! We couldn't have done it without ezTECH.

    – K.Kalai, Group IT Manager, TI Industries.
  • "ezTECH is one of the best service providers our firm has ever worked with! They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous - a pleasure to have as part of our business team."

    – Chris G, Training Manager, TTC
  • "ezTECH was here to provide valuable technical support and advice during a computer software transition. Their support technician's helped us engineer our needs to meet hardware and software requirements - their continued support has made our system secure and compliant over the last three years."

    – Vinoth R, FM, SW International
  • "Our relationship with ezTECH over the past 4 years has been terrific. We love the service, their consulting team and the results they've delivered. I highly recommend ezTECH for expert IT service and support."

    – Prakash J, IT incharge, Aster LLC
  • “When we engaged with ezTECH our expectations were high and their people have delivered. By using ezTECH we have more expertise and lower IT costs than we experienced when staffing these functions internally. No one IT person can be an expert in everything. With ezTECH, we can access all the skills and knowledge we need, whenever we need it. We are a better business because we are able to count on our IT systems.”

    – Saju A, MD, Dosteen LLC
  • “ezTECH has played a critical role in helping us achieve our systems' goals over the last several years.”

    – Tahar O, F/A Controller, PPC
  • “The biggest benefit is that ezTECH has taken ownership for the network. They've identified problems we hadn't noticed and opened our eyes to possibilities we hadn't considered. And they've done it with great competence and professionalism. Add to that, they're very responsive. When we phone, someone is always here within 24 hours. That's a big difference from the way things used to be. ezTECH has effectively relieved me from my IT management duties, and I couldn't be happier.”

    – Johnson J, FM, North West Engineering Works LLC
  • “ezTECH was the definitive IT support choice for our law firm. The level of experience in Legal IT environments provided by ezTECH is unmatched. Their consultants helped us to make informed software decisions and to implement network security measures that protect our most confidential client information.”

    – Bruce P, MP, CMP Legal LLC
  • “No nonsense IT detailing, with apt and precise solutions” -

    Mr Varghese, IT advisor