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Industry Regulatory Compliance is Mandatory for most Businesses. Regardless of whether your business is regulated by local, state, federal, or industry specific agencies—or even a combination of all four, your IT environment will be affected.

  • While you can easily understand how regulations impact your general business practices, you might feel overwhelmed with how the rules apply to how your business uses IT.
  • Instead of spending valuable time trying to determine how regulations affect your IT environment, hire an IT outsourcing provider such as ezTECH to make sure your IT systems meet regulations.
    ezTECH can help you create an IT environment that meets all of your vertical market’s regulations such as:
  • Network assessment - Using the regulations that govern your company, ezTECH can assess your entire IT environment. Your business’ IT hardware, software, and systems configurations should be inspected annually to ensure that the data is properly protected. Recommendations will be made if problems are found.
  • Inventory - After a network assessment, ezTECH can create an accurate inventory of all hardware and software. Your business’ inventory will also include all IT product warranties, software licenses, and security keys to ensure that you have a full accounting of everything that comprises your IT environment.
  • Risk Assessment - ezTECH will conduct a risk assessment test, after the initial network assessment and inventory are done. A risk assessment will outline all potential threats to data (from fires to hurricanes to hackers). Since every business faces different risks, an individualized risk assessment will help you identify and prioritize risks to which your business and data might be exposed.
  • Usage Policy - As part of regulation compliance, your business must have an acceptable usage policy that clearly states how users may use your IT systems. ezTECH can help you create a policy that protects data, enforces company policies, and doesn’t impact productivity.
  • Documentation - ezTECH can help you create the required documentation that demonstrates your business meets regulations. The documentation will identify how your company’s IT environment is constructed, as well as outline security policies and practices that are in place to protect regulated data.
  • Training - ezTECH can help you create a training program to teach employees how to meet regulations. Most regulations require formal, documented training that educates users on the importance of safeguarding data and should also give practical hands-on training as to how security practices actually work. IT support companies can also help you schedule and present training at regularly scheduled meetings.

Remodeling ezTECH can help you assess your current and future business IT needs and help you incorporate new technology tools into your remodel. Things to consider during remodel include:

  • Electrical Wiring - ezTECH can help select the right wiring for your electrical consumption needs. Consider separate circuits for your major IT tools like printers and copiers to avoid power fluctuations and upgrade wiring in server rooms.
  • Cooling - ezTECH can help you assess your IT environment cooling needs so that you can incorporate them into your remodel
  • Wireless connectivity - ezTECH can create a wireless network for your company instead of rewiring your existing network. This will save your company money and give you the flexibility to work anywhere in your building.
  • Physical Security - ezTECH can help you improve your business’ security to protect your IT investments. Installing electric locks on server rooms and cameras at your front desk is affordable and easy during a remodel.

Relocating ezTECH can help you create an IT environment that is flexible, affordable, and easy to support. IT choices to consider when relocating include the following:

  • Hosted solutions - Instead of moving servers, consider hosted solutions which can decrease your needs for server storage space and reduce your electrical bill. IT support companies can help you choose the best hosting solutions to meet your business’ needs.
  • Wireless - Moving into a new space is an opportunity to consider wireless networking. ezTECH can help you create a secure wireless network that is accessible to you and your staff.
  • Telephony - ezTECH can help you choose a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution to replace a more expensive, conventional, wired phone system.

Restructring Whether you are opening a second office or completely restructuring your business, let an IT consulting company such as ezTECH help you choose the right IT tools to enhance your IT environment and support your core business tasks. Things to consider include:

  • Inter-office connectivity - ezTECH can help you identify your communication needs and make suggestions about how to structure your corporate IT environment.
  • Hosted solutions - ezTECH can help you decide if hosted solutions such as Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, or Salesforce.com are right for your restructured company. Since hosted solutions are typically billed on a per-user basis, you have the potential to save a noticeable amount of money.
  • Virtualization - Virtualizing your servers can reduce your costs for hardware. ezTECH can help you choose the best virtualization solution for your corporate needs.
  • Remote Access - Access to centrally stored data needs to be available to everyone in your company, regardless of their location. ezTECH can help you choose and implement a remote access solution to meet your corporate needs.

Cost Cutting Hiring ezTECH to take care of your IT needs can save your business money because we have the expertise to help you build a flexible and affordable IT environment. ezTECH can help you with the following:

  • Warranties - Hiring ezTECH to keep your IT systems warranties updated can provide you with free extended manufacturer support and reduced cost updates when newer versions are released.
  • Remote access - ezTECH can help you create a mobile IT environment that lets you and your employees telecommute. Reducing the need for all employees to be physically present every work day decreases your need for physical office space. Decreasing the number of employees working in your physical space cuts your overhead on office space, utilities, and makes it easier to grow your business without outgrowing your physical site.
  • Virtual Meetings - ezTECH are experts at holding meetings over the internet. Let us show you how to save time and money by hosting virtual meetings.
  • Virtualization - ezTECH can help your business extend the lifespan of older desktop computers by virtualizing their operating systems on servers. With the right hardware, many of your servers can also be virtualized. Virtualization can save you from spending money on new hardware and reduce the administrative overhead of supporting many physical machines by consolidating multiple machines onto a few servers.
  • Office Remodeling - In the event that your office needs remodeling, ezTECH can help you create a wireless network. This will save your business the cost of having physical wires laid out and create a more flexible workspace.

Time Saving Choosing the right IT solutions will improve your business’ overall productivity. ezTECH can help you select the best IT tools for your business. Let ezTECH help your business save time with the following IT solutions:

  • Standardization - ezTECH can help you choose the best operating system and applications for your company. This saves time administering to your IT environment and makes it easier for staff to share documents without worrying about compatibility issues. Training time is reduced since there is only one operating system and fewer programs in use.
  • Secure messaging - ezTECH can help you install a secure internal instant messaging system that will help you and your employees communicate quickly and easily.
  • Call forwarding - ezTECH can help you choose a phone system that will forward missed calls to your email inbox—in addition to other phones—so that you can hear your messages any time you check your email and forward them on to others as needed.
  • Calendar sharing - ezTECH can help you choose a calendar application that will give users the ability to share calendars with each other, making it easier than ever to schedule meetings that are convenient for everyone.
  • Training - ezTECH can help you pick out a training application that makes it easy for you to quickly create training videos and deliver them to employees as an on-demand service. This assures that all of your employees have convenient access to the same training.

Data Securing ezTECH recommend that proprietary data is to be secured by following a standardized routine that includes several basic steps. The steps are as follows:

  • Perform a risk assessment - ezTECH can help you construct a risk assessment that will help you define your data assets, assess potential risks, and create a plan to secure your data.
  • Create an acceptable use policy - Once your assessment is complete, ezTECH can help you create a policy that identifies what end users can do with your business’ computer information systems.
  • Create a security policy - After you have an acceptable use policy in place, ezTECH can help you construct a security policy. This policy will define how your IT systems are set up, how they are protected, and how they must be maintained. This policy should be applicable to all of your company’s in-house IT technicians as well as all of your IT outsourcing providers.
  • Create a password policy - ezTECH can help you create a policy that regulates password creation. A strong password should be:
    1. Nonsense words or word phrases that are not found in a dictionary
    2. combination of upper and lower case letters
    3. combination of letters, numbers, and symbols
    4. At least nine alphanumeric characters long
    5. Free of personal information such as: birthdates, anniversary dates, social security numbers, phone numbers, etc.
  • Offer training - To protect your data assets, it is important to provide security training to new employees and to also offer annual security re-training. ezTECH can help you create and administer a training program that advises users on your company’s usage, security, and password policies as well as to keep your corporation up-to-date on the newest security risks.
  • Encrypt critical data - ezTECH can help you select the best methods to encrypt proprietary business data. Encryption programs should be in place for the following:
    1. Email
    2. Backup tapes and other media
    3. Laptops
    4. Server data
  • Track data assets - ezTECH can help you track and manage your business’ IT environment. We suggest that you keep track of your data, the location where it resides (server, hosted solution, removable storage device, etc.) and also which IT systems access that data on a regular basis.
  • Layer your security - Your data assets need to be protected with a layered security solution. ezTECH can help you choose the best set of security solutions to protect your IT environment and your data.