Business – Challenges

In order for both small businesses and corporates to run a business, it is better to invest in an IT infrastructure that allows their businesses to run smoothly. Technology changes rapidly. A poorly designed IT infrastructure solution can get obsolete rather quickly. An experienced IT partner can consult you on a long term solution for your business needs.

ezTECH is a pioneer in providing the best IT solutions and solutions for all your technology needs. Our aim is to boost your business productivity and cut costs with the help of technology, Be it expanding or upgrading an existing IT network, or building one from the scratch – we are always here to help you. We provide both technology-based solutions as well as basic IT outsourcing support for your business challenges.

      a) Business growth
  • With a customized plan to address your company’s unique needs, ezTECH can help you build a flexible & scalable IT network. Our solutions will make it easy for your current and future employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information easily and securely.
    1. b) IT planning
  • ezTECH can give you the skills and experience of an in house IT without the payroll burden of hiring an IT professional.
    1. c) Increase in Productivity
  • ezTECH can create and maintain a customized IT network that ensures all employees have access to the data they need so they can be more productive.
    1. d) Complying with regulations
  • ezTECH can help you build a secure IT environment that will meet your specific regulatory requirements.
    1. e) Coping with business changes
  • ezTECH can help towards your business plan and implement the best IT solutions to meet your current and future IT needs.
    1. f) Securing your data
  • ezTECH can help you create a layered defense that protects your data.

An Effective Business Plan To Keep Your Business Run Smoothly?

Keeping today’s businesses operational and resilient requires more than leading-edge technologies – it requires a trusted & experienced IT partner who can operate and support these technologies.

ezTECH can help small & medium businesses maximize the ROI on their IT investment by regular proactive maintenance. Despite the progressive shift to automate and streamline operations with leading-edge technology, it is ultimately the people who are responsible for maintaining a resilient IT Infrastructure and Business Continuity. Managing multiple job sites, upgrading or patching systems, as well as storing and securing critical customer, employee and partner data all take manpower. While the cause of IT failures can include technology and environmental compatibility issues, the root cause of IT failure frequently lies in process and skills issues.

Part of creating a resilient infrastructure is building a high performance culture that can manage change effectively. In order to successfully make this paradigm shift organizations should do the following:

  • Recognize the value and need for investing in a qualified & experienced IT solution provider.
  • Provide Six Sigma-like level of attention to IT operations around process definition, documentation, performance measurement, and continuous improvement.
  • Focus on understanding the true root cause of issues rather than settling for convenient explanations, separating near term incident management from longer term problem management.
  • Recognize warning signs and learn from near misses. Become preoccupied with small failures as a signal of deeper process or skills issues that should be addressed before larger failures occur.
  • Build a culture of resilience so that everyone in the organization can react appropriately when inevitable problems occur.

Create A Plan & Allign Your Business Challenges.

ezTECH can help you create a Business Continuity Plan that will enable your business to carry on with little interruption of services and minimal inconvenience. Regardless of your company’s specific industry, a well-crafted plan should include the following:

  • Business impact assessment - ezTECH can help your company create a realistic business continuity plan that is based upon how your business would be impacted by a loss of service. Your plan should address how your business operates and must factor in the needs for access to email, phone, sales, and other data.
  • Maximum downtime assessment - ezTECH can help you assess what your maximum downtime can be before it adversely affects your business operations. Keep in mind that you need to make an honest assessment of how long your IT systems can be down before your business is critically impacted.
  • Risk assessment - ezTECH can help you identify all areas of your company that might be vulnerable to threats from natural or man-made disasters. A proper risk assessment should include define all threats, the potential impact to your IT systems, and the probability that the identified risks are likely to occur. Creating a risk assessment will help you prioritize your time and capital resources.
  • Staff interviews - ezTECH will speak with your employees throughout the construction of your Business Continuity Plan. Staff often has insight into different aspects of your business that need to be considered. In addition, on the event of an interruption of service, your employees will have to understand how to implement your Business Continuity Plan.
  • Risk mitigation - Your continuity plan should outline how your business will respond to each identified risk. ezTECH can help you choose the best solutions for your potential risks.
  • Testing - ezTECH can provide loss-of-service simulations to test the effectiveness of the chosen solutions that are identified in your Business Continuity Plan.

Allign IT To Your Business

Align IT to your Business – Not the vice versa

Sometimes IT can be enamored with elegant architectures and solutions, while the business wants consistency, flexibility, and reliability. Orienting your IT to your business means you get complete real time analysis of your network’s Impact on Your Business. Keeping your IT on track with your business is the best way to reap the complete benefits of your infrastructure systems and processes.

With ezTECH’s business aligned IT Solution Services, you can see how and where your business is getting affected on a continuous real time basis.

  • Go beyond basic break-fix, with ezTECH’s Business Centric IT design and implementations.
  • Let your IT Management take a proactive stance by promising high availability, and delivering it as well. Know the service criticality, and the consequent business impacts before an issue even manifest.

Securing Your Data

While you may not consider data to be an asset, consider what the cost of recovering lost or stolen data would be. The cost to your business could be just a few hours of time spent recovering data or numerous fees if your vertical market is compliancy regulated. ezTECH can help you secure your data and protect it like the business asset it is.