Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO)

Why Outsource Your IT
Succeeding in today’s business environment has become more challenging than ever. If you are a small to medium business, it is unlikely that you have the time, money, or resources to dominate your marketplace.
This is why using our IT outsourcing company is a great idea for grounding your business in any environment.

  • Concentrate on your core business functions – Employees uses the best of their abilities when they are focused on their core competencies. Dealing with IT-related issues is enormously inefficient and the time, effort, and resources spent on learning IT tasks have a very real opportunity cost in the long run. By using a professional technology service provider like ezTECH, your staff is free to focus on revenue generating opportunities and their own specific tasks.
  • Control costs and operating expenses – On average, small and medium businesses will spend up to 50% less than the cost of hiring just one mid-level IT professional. With the help of ezTECH, all costs are budgeted, planned, and controlled.
  • Access specialized expertise – The services provided by ezTECH allows businesses to utilize specialized expertise that would otherwise be too expensive to maintain in-house.
  • Be technically competitive – ezTECH can help you take advantage of new technologies that will allow your business to keep up with the competition and react to competitive threats. We specialize in implementing the latest hardware, software, and network applications available. Our capabilities help small to medium-sized businesses move rapidly and speed time to market.
  • Reduce downtime – When the services of an IT services provider are coupled with remote systems monitoring and round-the-clock response capabilities, costly downtime effectively becomes a thing of the past.
  • Increase productivity – True productivity and business benefit can only be realized when technology is properly implemented. ezTECH’s state-of-the-art technologies are delivered through file servers, central databases, broadband connectivity, and mobile platforms to enable communication, collaboration, and knowledge.
    Information Technology Outsourcing is growing at a rapid rate because businesses understand that it is a strategic way to achieve goals, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
    ezTECH is the nation’s trusted name in IT Solutions. We have continued to deliver dynamic, cost-effective IT solutions to thousands of businesses like yours for over 5 years. While many IT companies provide IT solutions & support, not all will be able to offer you tailor made solutions that align to your business needs. When hiring an IT company, be sure it has the skill-set & experience necessary to meet all your technical needs, always.

The Best IT Company for A Small Or Medium Business Should Offer Support In Four Key Areas.

  • Total Support
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Technical Expertise
  • Local Coverage

Total Support
While many IT companies provide outsourced IT support for small and medium businesses, only the best IT companies can offer your company complete support. Total support includes standard support, critical systems monitoring and customer support.

The best IT companies offer a multi-layered support program that combines standard IT systems support, responsive customer support, regular preventive maintenance, online support ticket tracking and 24/7 systems monitoring to ensure that your business critical systems will always function in peak condition. Standard support is the most basic level of support available to small to medium-sized businesses and generally involves keeping laptops, workstations and servers working the way they should. Standard support consists of the following:

  • Assessment – Assessing your IT network generally include meeting with you and your IT staff to discuss areas of concern before examining your IT network and making recommendations for improvement.
  • Stabilization – Collecting the report generated during the assessment and making effort to fix the problem areas.
  • Documentation – Documentation of the assessment and stabilization steps which will be available to you on a secure online client portal.
  • Standard support – Standard support keeps your IT network updated and patched
  • Emergency Support – After-hour emergency support for critical systems that can impact your business.
  • Preventive Maintenance - Regular preventive maintenance to ensure that your IT systems are always functioning at optimum state.

    In addition to standard support, the best IT companies offer 24/7 critical systems monitoring to track, log, and repair your business servers, firewall, and applications.With critical systems monitoring, if a problem is detected, a team of centrally staffed experts will immediately gain access to your IT network through a secure online connection and repair the problem remotely so your network is up and running with minimal downtime.

    Customer support is the final & most important component of a complete support program.The best IT companies provide responsive customer support for those times when you have a question or need help but don’t have your IT company onsite. The best IT companies offer small and medium businesses responsive support, regardless of your location. No matter how small your business is, or how unique your IT network might be, the best IT companies can offer you a complete support program that is customizable to your unique IT needs. To learn more about complete support, please contact us for a FREE Consultation and analysis of your existing IT Infrastructure.

Integrated Solutions

When all the technologies work well together, everything works the way it should. However, whenever any of your IT tools has a problem, it can affect your entire IT environment and that’s why the best IT companies offer integrated solutions. The companies take the time to research, coordinate, and implement your business’ IT tools so that your IT environment works the way it should allowing you to focus on core business tasks. The companies have the knowledge, training, and experience to work with your existing technology as well as the know-how to add new and complementary technologies to your IT environment. The IT companies are having strategic partnerships with major IT vendors in order to give the client direct access to vendor support. Integrated IT solutions allow your business to take advantage of the many business-centric services that are available within a typical IT environment.

  • Integrated solutions generally include support in the following areas:
    Email protection – prevents spam, viruses, and phishing scams from getting into your inbox and then potentially gaining access to your company’s entire IT environment.
  • Email archiving – securely stores all of your business’ email communications. With archiving, authorized users can search and retrieve any email for compliance, regulatory requirements, or other reasons throughout your entire organization.
  • Email encryption – helps protect sensitive email information from interception, tampering, and theft. With email encryption installed on your business’ IT network, all of your email communications will be secure.
  • Web protection – blocks malicious and inappropriate web content from being downloaded. Web protection also helps reduce your legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate sites and content. A comprehensive reporting app will allow you to monitor users’ web traffic and adjust company policies.
  • Online server backup – safely and securely backs up your data over the internet to an online vault, ensuring that your critical data is safe. Not only is this service great for companies that need to keep backups of proprietary data, it is also excellent for companies that are physically located in areas at risk from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and seasonal fires.
  • Cloud Services - saves your company the expense of housing and operating an in-house server (hardware, application, storage space, electricity, etc.). The best IT companies have strategic partnerships with leading Cloud Vendors so you have access to all the benefits of a hosted cloud environment while gaining the added features of redundancy & reliability.
  • Online portal access – gives your business access to your IT company quickly and easily. You have a login screen that gives you secure access to your account. From your account screen, you can submit and track a support ticket, view documentation that itemizes how your IT network has been maintained, and so on.

Technical Expertise

As a small to medium-sized business owner you need to select an IT support firm that can meet all of your company’s tech needs.
The best IT companies are considered technical experts when they can offer your business the following:

  • Accreditation - The IT companies are accredited in all of the industry-standard technologies. Consultants have the training and knowledge to support all major technologies and subject matter experts have specialized certifications and experience to address even your most technical IT challenges.
  • Partnerships - Through partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, Kaspersky, Symantec, etc, the IT companies will have access to premier training, resources, support, and information that small to medium-sized business needs to keep your IT environment working the way it should. Any time your IT firm runs into a problem that they can’t quickly resolve, they can directly contact their vendor partner company and have immediate access to a product expert with the needed knowledge to solve that problem.
  • Regulatory knowledge - Because federal, state and organizational regulations are becoming more complex around IT in specific vertical markets, the best IT companies have specialists that focus on knowing the newest requirements and regulations and how they might impact your company’s IT environment.
  • Physical environment management – Regardless of the size of your IT network, the IT company will make sure it works the way it should.
  • Virtual environment management - The IT companies have the training and experience to support the unique needs of your virtual environment. The best IT companies are knowledgeable about industry standard virtualization platforms such as VMware & Hyper-V.
  • Mobile solutions management - The IT companies understand your mobile computing needs. Because the best IT companies have in-depth training and extensive experience implementing mobile solutions that integrate with different IT environments, you can be sure that your mobile solutions will work well within your specific IT environment.

Local Coverage

The IT support companies will offer you a primary support team that is located in your region. This team will provide your business with the IT support it needs. To ensure that your business has the best IT experience possible, your local team is stratified into seven layers.

  • Support specialists - have a broad-based knowledge of IT environments and provide General IT network support that focuses on keeping your IT environment updated as well as addressing general technical problems. Engineers- are responsible for installing servers and taking care of tasks of a similar nature.
  • Consultants - address projects that are more complex and excel at troubleshooting IT network problems.
  • Support Coordinators - Ensure that every support request is properly logged and assigned to a support specialist.
  • Quality Assurance Technical Manager – Is responsible for overall quality of solutions delivered. Solution architects- take care of the most complex projects that typically involve major changes to your entire network.
  • Relationship Managers - are the final level of the team and are responsible for making sure that you, as a client, are getting all of your IT needs met in a courteous, timely, and professional manner.

Planning Your IT

Regardless of your specific business type, you share a common goal with every other business person in the world—to be financially successful. While there are many ways to do this, it all starts with a strategic IT plan. ezTECH, an IT services provider, can help you maximize your business’ investment in IT with a customized strategic IT plan that will address your current and future needs. ezTECH can help your business create a well-crafted plan that will address the following:

  • Collaboration - While all businesses use IT to communicate and collaborate, each business does it a little differently. ezTECH will examine how your company currently does it and give recommendations that will make it easier to collaborate and communicate internally, with clients, and partners.
  • Connectivity - You will need to have the right type of connectivity in and out of office to support your company’s business efforts. IT outsourcing companies can help you assess your current and future connectivity needs, ensuring that you have the connectivity speeds you need to get your job done, whether you are at desk or on a mobile device.
  • Remote access functionality – Any time you are out of office and want access to company data, you need to have remote access capabilities. ezTECH can help you analyze and choose the best remote access solution to meet your current and future needs.
  • Line of business applications – Because your company depends on certain business applications to take care of daily business tasks, your software applications need to up-to-date and under warranty. ezTECH can help you select the best applications for your business and ensure that they will be supported in upcoming years by the manufacturers.
  • Data Capacity – Since your company constantly generates data you need to ensure that there is enough space on your laptops, workstations, and servers to store it. IT service providers can help you assess your current and projected data storage needs and suggest the best IT solutions for your company’s needs.
  • Data backup – The data your company creates needs to be backed up somewhere besides a local workstation, laptop, or server. ezTECH can help you decide how often your data needs to be backed up and recommend the best solutions to meet your current and future business needs.
  • Layered security protections - Your business IT systems need to be protected from internet attack, viruses, hacking, and internal security breaches. If your company is governed by regulations or legal requirements, it is even more important that you have a multilayered security plan in place. IT services providers can help you choose the best way to protect your IT systems now and in the future.
  • Infrastructure - The most basic part of your business’ strategic IT plan is having the right IT systems in place to make it all happen. ezTECH can help you determine your current and future IT systems needs, ensure that all of your critical systems are up-to-date on warranties, and that your specific hard drive redundancy needs are met. IT companies will also make sure that your IT systems are correctly configured to ensure that you have maximum uptime that your business needs.